Bus tour on Oct 13: Origins of the Salmon River

Granite Barrens in the Salmon watershed by D Carmichael

Salmon River at boat landing at highway 7. N Dertinger

Join the Friends of the Salmon River in exploring the headwaters in the north plus the middle of the Salmon watershed. The geologist, ecologist and historian on board will explain natural features (wetlands, forest, rock formations, etc.) and an historical narrative, and point out recreational (kayaking and hiking) opportunities.

The tour begins in Erinsville on hwy. 41. We’ll head north to Cloyne and then stop for lunch in Arden (as well as other informative stops), continue to Croydon area, and end up in Erinsville. The luxury style coach bus is equipped with a washroom.

The tickets are all sold but we have a (short) waiting list.


Barge Service

Gull Creek on the Arden Road was important enough as a village in the 1850s & 60s for there to be scheduled barge service on the Salmon River between there and Arden. One regular passenger, a Mrs. Susan Thompson, at age 100 used to tell 20th century doubters how “in the old days” she’d board the barge, start knitting a pair of socks in Arden, work on them all the way down river to Gull Creek and then finish them on her return trip. As she’d leave the barge back home in Arden, Mrs. T would give the boatman the socks as payment for her trip.

Kennebec Lake –– the Nexus of Salmon Headwaters

The northwestern headwaters of the Salmon start their flow only a couple hundred metres south of Mazinaw Lake in Bon Echo Park. The beginning northwestern headwater of the Salmon is a trickle creek less than a metre wide. That trickle flows through three small lakes that shape the landscape of the village of Cloyne. Hannah Lake, Benny’s Lake and Tawny Pond were giant ice cubes when the glacier was melting. Caught in the outwash sand, those landlocked icebergs formed the lake beds and melted slowly filling the lakes.

These are only glimpses of the story; find out the rest on the bus tour.

Sat. Oct 13. Departure time: 9:30 am. Return time: 3:30 or 4 pm.

Cost: $40/person includes lunch.

Tickets or info: contact Susan at 613-379-5958/ susan@moorepartners.ca OR Victor at 613-331-3655/ victoryhaze@mac.com

Cloyne showing three important headwater ponds

Entry from lower Crooked Creek into Kennebec Lake. N Dertinger

Cardinal flowers on the Salmon – G Merriam

Upper Crooked Creek At Hungry Lake. N Dertinger


Ottering about on the Salmon!  – G Merriam

Fall Colours on upper Salmon. – G Merriam

The Gorge – E Jezak