HELP NEEDED. Intensive hog farm proposed.

The Salmon River needs all its Friends. Can you act right now? The sooner the better.

An intensive hog farm in Erinsville (north of Napanee) has been proposed, with more than 1200 hogs, plus cattle on site. It is 800 metres from Beaver Lake in the Salmon watershed and next to the village, including church and school. The FSR directors are very concerned about effects on water quality and species habitat in the Salmon River system.

Public input is needed.

Stone Mills Township councillors need to hear from you with your viewpoint. Of course, feel free to write with your own take on this. You can find a list of councillor contact information here.

As protection of the Salmon watershed is part of our mandate – we offer some information and recommendations from the citizens’ committee dealing with this issue.

From the Concerned Citizens for Our Community Environments (CCCE)

The Site Control Plan Application (from applicant Mark Slack) came to Stone Mills council and was passed at their May 19 meeting. However, the CCCE has done a thorough investigation of the documentation, and found that there is missing and incorrect information.

This CCCE will make a deputation to Stone Mills Township council on Mon June 15. They will recommend that council delay the issuance of a building permit to allow time to review all relevant documents and verify that all technical requirements are met.

If you can email or phone Stone Mills councillors asap about this issue, here are some suggested points you could use. However, a very brief letter is fine. See the attached list of councillor contact info.

Detailed mapping of karst features on building site and in the fields where manure is to be spread.

Nutrient Management Plan:

  • signed long term agreements
  • contingency plan

Location of buildings, storage tank lagoon, and fields:

  • Potential impact on waterways: lakes, wetlands and river
  • Proximity to Erinsville, homes, church, school


  • Impacts of large water use on local wells, especially during dry summer months
  • Need for water sampling up front as a baseline

You can find more detailed documentation here regarding the Site Plan Control Agreement, Staff Report , etc.

We also have

To make your message even more effective – send it to CAO Bryan Brooks and ask to have it posted to Stone Mills council. Then cc all councillors.