Letters of Support from FSR Members

We know our hard work is important to preserving the watershed. Receiving letters of support from FSR members further motivates us to continue the work that we do. If you would like to show your support or share a story about your time in the Salmon River Watershed, please email us at susan@moorepartners.ca.

Letter from Marg Isbester

Sent: November 25, 2020

Thank you so much. It was a great AGM and presentation. I had to leave early due to another meeting, but it will be nice to review the remaining part when I have time.

I so much enjoy being part of both the Friends of the Salmon and Friends of the Napanee. Good people, working to do good things for a wonderful area. Will we always agree and see eye to eye?…probably not, but I do believe in listening to as much as I can to learn more….better from people than from a report.

Stay well, and thanks to all of your group for your hard work and dedication.

Marg Isbester

Mayor of Greater Napanee

Warden of County of Lennox and Addington

Kennebec Lake near Arden

Letter from Harvey Scott

Dec 23 & 25, 2020

Thank you for your note re the virtual FSR AGM. Although I have been a member of FSR for quite a while, this will be my first AGM as I live in Northern Alberta and do not get to Ontario often. I really appreciate what the Friends do, including keeping members from a distance away, like myself, informed.

Our old Cross Lake property and cabin is just up at the head of the Salmon River on what was locally called ‘Scott’s Bay’, the inlet from Cross/Kennebec Lake at the headwaters of the main Salmon stem itself. The Scott family and relatives once held much of the land and homesteaded around that little bay and upriver- some still do. The river was their way to their homesteads as it was for many late Loyalist settlers to Sheffield, Kennebec and Olden. It was also the way they got their logs downriver to Beaver Lake sawmills and the Bay of Quinte.

 I know the educational work and advocacy of FSR is vital to protecting this beautiful wee watershed. My wife and I are still active out here helping the Athabasca Watershed (et al). We have been engaged for decades and still are in our 80s very active. I have been involved in environmental education and advocacy much of my life, having taught outdoor environmental education at U of Alberta until my retirement.

I was always fascinated as a kid (living in the Salmon watershed) to learn all the unique things that existed in that little sliver of Shield as it meets the Ordovician limestone. And the marine species that survived from the days before the settlers arrived and dammed the river when the Atlantic Salmon ran happily. I assume the herring are perhaps remnants of that pre-settler time.

The giant rat snakes up Kennebec Lake on the small rocky Blueberry Island and the Whippoorwills are just two of the many reasons why we must protect that unique eco-community for the seven generations to come!

Thanks to you and your FSR friends, there is hope that the Salmon Watershed may survive the hog barns and Ford governments of the world!

Bravo FSR -‘Go Bragh’!!

Harvey Scott

Professor Emeritus, Univ. of Alberta

Athabasca, AB