Phragmites Workshop

Eviction Notice for Phragmites!

Saturday, October 19
9 am – 12 pm
Beaver Lake Park in Erinsville

Meet at the Lakeview Tavern at 9am
5771 County Road 41 in Erinsville

Click for the Phragmites Workshop Poster!

Phragmites australis is a non-native, invasive grass from Eurasia that is quickly spreading throughout North America. Found mostly in wetlands, this towering plant takes over wet areas, choking out all other life. It outcompetes native wetland plants, leaving frogs and turtles without vital habitat and blocking shoreline access.

The free workshop will demonstrate how to safely and effectively remove Phragmites from our waterways and roadside ditches. Experienced guidance and tools will be provided by Amanda Tracey, conservation biologist with the Nature Conservancy of Canada.  She will demonstrate removal techniques and discuss the management of other aquatic invasive plants. Some native seeds for planting will be available, to help restore the area.  

The seminar will begin at 9 am at the Lakeview Tavern at 5771 County Road 41 in Erinsville (beside the Park). Enjoy some coffee, tea and muffins with a brief presentation on invasive species, followed by the demonstration and hands-on work on the patch of Phragmites at Beaver Lake Park. We’ll be done by noon. Help the Friends of Salmon River to evict this nasty intruder.

For more information, contact Amanda Tracey at

If you plan on attending, please register by emailing Amanda Tracey.